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Michael Foran

Animator • Designer • Motionographer • Creative

In 1968 I was born. Not long afterwards, I picked up a pencil, and my life began. I drew everywhere. Desktops, walls, and most of all, paper. Lots and lots of paper. I was compulsively unable to look at a blank surface without drawing on it (I still am). Sometimes this made me friends; a lot of times it got me in trouble. But this desire to illustrate has always been something that I never questioned. It has always driven me, and propelled me into a life and career in the arts.

Fast forward a bit. Rhode Island School of Design not only developed my technical skills, but taught me how to solve problems creatively, blending form and function into a seamless whole. And while there, I fell in love with the art of Animation. These lessons have stayed with me through a rewarding animation career. My years in the industry given me a wealth of experience with all manner of animated and illustrated projects: Feature Films, Television, Digital, Commercial and Entertainment, all the while pushing and evolving, striving for perfection.

In the late 90’s I co-founded and co-edited Monkeysuit Press, a comic book imprint dedicated to showcasing the comic work of animators. We published several award winning publications and became the inspiration for an animator driven comic culture that continues to this day in animation studios around the world.

In the early 00’s I became a founding member of World Leaders Entertainment, and I spent nearly a decade with them on a variety of entertainment and commercial productions, like The Venture Bros. for Adult Swim, and Gotham Girls for WB.

I held the position of ECD for my last four years at World Leaders, directing all of their commercial work and running the internal creative development for the studio. Under my direction we won a Golden Lion at Cannes for our work on a Net10 campaign with Droga5.

In 2010 I was hired by Saatchi & Saatchi to develop and lead their in-house animation and visual effects department. While there my team and I had a great time creating award winning spots for such revered brands as Cheerios, Lucky Charms, CoCoa Puffs, GoGurt, Fiber One, and many more.

So, in 2013 I took this wealth of experience and hung out my own shingle when I founded Foran Films.

I started Foran Films as a way to push into new creative directions and to continue expanding the horizon of possibilities. I have assembled an amazing team of the best talent in the world to create awesome work. That’s a lot of positive adjectives! But we earn them by continually pushing the envelope with our creative and technical skills. By building on our core strengths of traditionally drawn digital animation, illustration, design, cutting edge motion graphics, and smart creative solutions, Foran Films has taken off like a rocket. So give us a call and see what we can do for you.